Aerison designs and fabricates modularised and containerised switch rooms and kiosks to meet the standards required for HV and LV switch rooms operating in the Oil, Gas and Energy industries.

Designs completed have incorporated such features as:

  • 2-hour fire rated/non-combustible enclosures (Modular/Containerised)
  • Overall deflection across the switch board zone of less that 3mm over a length of 22m
  • Full VESDA and Fire Suppression systems
  • Air Conditioning/HVAC systems with stand-by capabilities
  • Designed for category D Cyclone Rating
  • Switchgear up to and including 33kV of either RMU or fully withdraw able specifications
  • Delivery of the units complete and ready for installation on site

The engineered solutions are designed to meet Australian Standards, WHS and industry standards.



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