Aerison offers a wide range of solutions and services for the Power Generation industry.

Utilising in-house expertise, with the added experience of our trusted technology partners, Aerison is able to meet the most demanding of tasks. Common solutions sought by our clients include:

  • Power Station Design & Construct
  • Modular Power Stations
  • Mobile Power Generators
  • Acoustic Enclosures & Containers
  • Waste Heat Recovery
  • Gas Turbine Packaging
  • Hazardous Area Power Generation
  • Acoustic Treatments
  • SCR’s for NOx reduction, Catalytic Oxidisers & Exhaust Treatments
  • Documentation & Calculation

All engineered solutions are designed to meet Australian Standards, WHS and industry standards. Aerison enjoys an industry reputation for providing responsive service, delivering high-quality, cost effective products and services, and as such are able to meet demands on a global scale, to coincide with our global client base. 

Aerison is a leading company in the design and fabrication of acoustic Power Generation enclosures, both for Diesel and Natural Gas driven engines.

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In September 2014, Aersion launched a new Acoustic product range titled the Integrated Acoustic Building (IAB™). The IAB™ portfolio provides an environmental solution for enclosing heavy equipment in the power generation, gas compression and mining industries. Aerison boasts a global network that ensures our supply chain and your construction program are fully integrated.

Please see below PDF for more information on the capabilities of the IAB™.


 IAB™ (PDF) 



Aerison is one of the leading companies in the design of Gas Compressor enclosures to assist in the reduction of noise levels from these items of equipment.  Our enclosures are designed to reduce the impact of these compressors on the environment and in particular the people living within these environments.

The enclosures can be in the form of a drop over enclosure where the enclosure is fully built and fitted out in one of our workshops and then delivered to site for ease of installation.

We are also able to assist in the packaging of the skid mounted compressor unit, including the acoustic treatment for delivery to site in a completed format.

Alternatively, Aerison can provide easy to install panels with a structural frame for construction on site.  This method is generally used for larger sized units which would be outside of the road travel transportation restrictions.

Aerison can provide varying levels of noise reduction, by utilising a variety of panel thicknesses for the walls.

For more information about any of the above systems call Aerison today and speak to one of our specialists in this area.



Aerison has the capability to design, fabricate and install silencers as part of our turnkey project solutions, or procured as individual silencers to project specifications.  Typical applications for our silencers include:

  • Reciprocating Engine Exhaust and air-intakes
  • Gas Turbine Power Station Exhausts and air-intakes
  • Industrial Ventilation Fans
  • Air Cooled Heat exchangers
  • Compressors and high pressure blowers
  • Safety relief valves on steam boilers
  • Gas pipeline vent relief valves

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