What We Do Aerison provides custom built engineered solutions for any industry.

Aerison is a  supplier of products and services to the mining, mineral processing, oil and natural gas production and manufacturing industries whose major goal is to provide custom designed and built engineered solutions.

Aerison is a design, construction, fabrication and maintenance solutions provider and prides itself on being one of the most experienced engineering firms that produces customised solutions for the mining, oil and natural gas sector.  We have seen many changes since being established in 1988, including name changes from hps Environmental to Enerflex Environmental to now, Aerison, but we remain the same business with the same philosophies.

During this time Aerison has completed in excess of 1,000 projects and continues to maintain many of these operations.  Our policy of "Clients for Life" is something that all employees take very seriously to ensure a strong client relationship and the on-going success of the business.

Our business is supported by some of the best technology available and we strive to provide the best technical solution to our clients at all times.

Aerison's portfolio reaches from compressor noise abatement solutions operating near local residents in Queensland and New South Wales to dust control systems for some of Australia's largest iron ore mines, in addition to this we can provide Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) destruction technologies to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and improve your environmental sustainability.  These systems include technology and safety systems for the destruction of Ventilation Air Methane (VAM) from underground coal mines.

Aerison systems are compliant with Australian technical and regulatory requirements and are customised for both Australian and International markets.


We will engage all our resources to fulfil the promises to our customers, our technology partners and each other.


We are accountable for our individual actions towards ourselves, our customers and fellow employees.


Our standard of excellence requires that we provide our customers with a service that is superior in quality, offering the best of our time and talent in thorough preparation and execution of our services.


We strive to provide expert skill and knowledge for all our services by ensuring we are industry leaders in the delivery of project based solutions.

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